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What does legacy look like to you?
What would you like to pass down to future generations?

Think of the impact of a collaborative environment where the physical and virtual worlds converge, powered by neuroscience, artificial intelligence and cryptography-based blockchain technologies to allow any kind of cognition, experience, feeling or perception to be preserved and shared. Forever.


To eternalize memories, consciousnesses, and mindsets with the use of artificial intelligence and blockchain data security.

Let’s do it, together, right now!

about us

Based in Silicon Valley, Legathum is a neuroscience, artificial intelligence and cryptography-based blockchain technology company created upon the concepts of decentralization and token-based economics, with intellectual property owned and legally protected.

We pursue to empower individuals to reproduce their consciousness in the Legathum Metaverse with an initial focus on stories, experiences, awareness, knowledge, feelings and personal perceptions about life. But we don’t stop there.
who's in legathum for you
We are a multidisciplinary team that includes game developers, animators, 3D artists, programmers specialized in artificial intelligence and blockchain, filmmakers, screenwriters, and economists.

In our research and development center, we gather Neuroscientists, Engineers, Psychologists, and Neuropsychologists. All under the command of Deibson Silva, Legathum’s creator.
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Eternalize your legacy.
Allow the world to know your story.
Leave your legacy for the world.
legathum's mission

Legathum was set with a mission to empower individuals to build and record their consciousness as an inheritance of property over generations to come, so that it remains alive and available forever as their legacy to the world.

frequent questions
1- What's legathum proposal?
Legathum is a disruptive technology created to give unlimited continuity and memorability to the users’ personalities and mindsets. Our focus is the experience that each human being will live, by creating their digital versions with advanced technology and sharing the collection of memories, knowledge, and contributions with the rest of mankind, available in the metaverse.
2 - What is Legathum's objective, mission and impact?
Objective To eternalize memories, consciousnesses, and mentalities with the use of technology and blockchain security. Mission To provide the construction of a personal legacy for each and every human being. Impact To apply the latest digital technology, combined with artificial intelligence (AI), to generate true interactive archives of our memories and mentalities. Besides providing an environment for exchanges and sharing inside the metaverse, with access to virtual mentors for all the people in the world who need orientation to make decisions.
3 - Which are the services that Legathum offers?
Legathum provides services that eternalize each user for the world:
1) Store your legacy: you can record your entire history, present
past and future. Creating a timeline of your life;
2) Share your legacy: you can define who will have access;
3) Visit the Interactive Museum with the greatest personalities in history, they can be your virtual mentors;
4) Be a mentor; teach the world what you know;
5) Create your personal avatar inside the metaverse.
4 - How can I acquire these services?
All services will be purchased here on our official site. After registration and payment of the chosen plan, you will be welcomed by our virtual assistant Eternum, and receive via email all the necessary information to access Legathum.
5 - Is it necessary to install any software or App?
Yes. Our technology is available in desktop and mobile versions (IOS or Android). The acquisition, installation, and use of our state-of-the-art technology have been optimally simplified, making them accessible and enjoyable.
6 - Who will have access to my legacy?
Each user can choose who will have access to his/her legacy, according to these possible options:
1) Public (anyone who is also a Legathum user);
2) Specific People (only people selected by you);
3) Private (only you will have access to your memories).
7 - How does Legathum guarantee the quality and veracity of the information?
Through our cutting-edge technology, data encryption and adoption of blockchain which guarantee the greatest caution and care for the information provided by our users. In addition, we ensure security through rigorous checking processes and authorization requests from the users, for the storage and inclusion of memories, experiences and knowledge provided by each internaut who uses our technology and platform.
8 - Who can be part of the Interactive Museum in the metaverse?
All the Legathum users. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and a legacy to leave to future generations. Our Interactive Museum brings the greatest personalities in history as our gift for humanity: bringing back these incredible beings who have so much to offer. At the same time, the Museum is a way to incentive every person to participate, as well as their families, friends and admired people.
9 - Who will be the first mentors of the Interactive Museum?
1 - Mother Teresa of Calcutta 5 - Stephen William Hawking 9 - Nikola Tesla 13 - Elon Musk 17 - Galileo Galilei 21 - Martin Luther King
2 - Mahatma Gandhi 6 - Margaret Thatcher 10 - Steve Jobs 14 - Pele 18 - Henry Ford 22 - Jesus
3 - Nelson Mandela 7 - Walt Disney 11 - Ayrton Senna 15 - Mark Zuckerberg 19 - Pablo Picasso 23 - Mohammed
4 - Albert Einstein 8 - Elizabeth II 12 - Leonardo Da Vinci 16 - Bill Gates 20 - Isaac Newton 24 - Buddha.
10 - Why should I store my memories?
We know you have something to contribute to the world. We have created the best blockchain-secured technology for you to record and save all your potential, your memories, personality, ideas, to build your family tree, store your scientific productions: to tell your story. A place where everything you want can be registered and shared. This is why Legathum was created: so that you can store your memories, and for your legacy to be built.