How would it be if our mindsets lasted forever? If we could provide advice for our children and grandchildren after we’ve left this life? If we could interact with our loved ones and society for centuries? A revolutionary technological project that eternizes our memories, consciousness and mentalities. Forever.

Created and developed by Deibson Silva.

Neuropsychologist, CEO at Goowit and author of the best-sellers books Decifre e Influencie Pessoas and Decifre Seu Talento.

“Everybody is unique in essence, in behavior, in knowledge.”

Everybody is important. Everybody is unic in essence, in behavior, in knowledge. When somebody passes away what is lost is much more than a human being - all the knowledge, achievements, every little step this person took in life is lost with his death. How would be if each person could be preserved forever? Forever is the point! Would you like to talk to your mother, listen to her advices in a moment when you are down? Would you like to share your conquests with her, even though she is not alive anymore? Would you feel better if you could talk to your beloved ones when they need you, even though you are not here any more? This is what Legathum brings to you - the opportunity of living forever.
Deibson Silva

Our stories can be imortal!

There are two kinds of passing away: the first one, when we leave this physical plan, the second, when your name is mentioned for the last time…

Our heritage can – yes – remain alive, accompaigning, teaching and impacting the journey of our sons grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  


Legathum will also be an advanced digital application, which will allow multiple uses directed to assure the perpetuity of people’s memories and experiences. 

Ethernum is one of the tools designed to archive, systematize and present people’s memories in a selective and organized way.


One of the most original Legathum’s features will the the LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT function. An audiovisual and multi-media arquive that will allow the users not only to leave a well-defined testament for their families and future generations, but also, it will permit their relatives to check that testament arquive as many time as necessary.

Legathum TESTAMENT feature is a true groundbreaking technology devoted to the extension of the loved ones’s memory and heritage.