Legathum - a Latin word that refers to legacy - has as main goal to keep a person’s memories and to make them last beyond that person’s lifetime.


Deibson Silva, digital entrepreneur and neuropsychologist graduated at the University of São Paulo, studies the human behavior since 2013 and already has a personal trajectory developing works with technology and social improvement. He even launched CIS Assessment, a software for behavioral analysis used by more than 7,000,000 people in four continents.
He is the author of two best-seller books about professional analysis, recruitment and team development: Decipher and Influence People and Decipher your Talent, produced with famous speaker, Paulo Vieira.
Today, Deibson leads Goowit as its CEO. Goowit is a multi-platform digital app dedicated to match unemployed professionals (or those who desire a career change) with job positions. As Goowit’s Founder and CEO, the neuropsychologist celebrates having more than 25,000 registered users and more than 2,000 enterprises offering jobs.

It was during the pandemic current time when Deibson Silva developed the idea of storing vivid memories, experiences, knowledge, tastes, preferences, mentalities and many kinds of the individual’s personal data, through a program that can systematize them and turn them available for future generations.

your memories can last forever.

Let your achievements lead the future even when you are not here anymore.